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Monday, April 18, 2005

Snatchtastic - russian babes

There I was just surfing minding my own business when up pops the 'you've got mail' thing!

There's only tottie sending in their pics now... this blogging thing is becoming critical to the wood polishing work outs....... and they want to be ON here!!!

She is gorgeous... fancies making some shapes with moi...F*@k it... I think I'll just have to go and shag myself..

If this is a wind up.... I don't really care, just let me have the fantasy for 30 minutes.. 15 mins at least.. well.. all done:-) bastards!!

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Brides -Russian Myths

It's true - the women of Russia do have a certain charm and beauty that their western counterparts have lost somewhere in the midst of feminism, education or whatever did happen - the emancipation from male domination - well ladies, you got what you wanted and that's great. I blame it all on Cynthia Payne myself. I can't say I subscribe to the new male agenda that we have at home - most men who do are simply liars!

As much as I dislike the whole male bride package scenario, which could be viewed as exploiting women in desperate circumstances, in this instance I would say that it does not. The girls are generally extremely well educated, working in good jobs - home owners and actually know what they want from life. You can't judge somebody because they are trying to broaden their horizons through meeting the ideal partner internationally - it's interesting and exciting. You're only limited by your own views...

Most of us meet the significant other locally - in a bar, club, or in my case on the metro. You never know when it will strike, so getting involved in a Russian dating agency can only broaden ones chances of meeting the girl of your dreams. In the case of Russian girls - you will draw your own conclusions, but I can honestly say that they have different values and perspectives on what a relationship is, which is what is most appealing to foreign chaps.

The 'Bride.ru' banner will be on the site as a tester. If anybody finds them to be any less than absolutely fabulous tell me and I'll remove it.